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Face Oil Absorbing Roller


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Color: white

Product Name: Face Oil Absorbing Roller


Instantly enhance your face condition with our Face Oil Absorbing Roller. Crafted with real volcanic stone, this innovative roller ensures a matte, grease-free look by effectively absorbing excess oil without compromising your makeup. It's a fantastic solution to maintain a clean, breathable face without damaging your makeup when touching up oily spots.

Key Features:

  1. Oil Control: The volcanic stone composition enables quick oil absorption, instantly minimizing the greasiness on your face and providing a mattifying effect.

  2. Makeup Preservation: Compared to traditional oil blotting paper, this roller gently absorbs excess oil without disturbing your makeup, ensuring your look remains intact.

  3. Portable: Compact and lightweight, this roller easily fits in your handbag. Use it anytime, anywhere, whether you're at the office, out for a date, or on-the-go.

  4. Reusable and Easy Maintenance: Volcanic stone can be cleaned with warm water and gentle soap, making it reusable. Simply air-dry it overnight for your next use. This ensures durability, less wastage, and portability.

  5. Facial Massager: Beyond oil control, this roller also acts as a natural facial massager, cleaning shiny pores and removing excess oil for an effective skincare regimen.


  • Type: Facial Massager Roller
  • Material: Volcanic Stone
  • Function: Oil Control, Pore Cleansing, Skincare
  • Reusability: Washable with warm water and gentle soap for reuse

Maintain a clean, breathable face while protecting your makeup with the innovative Face Oil Absorbing Roller. Crafted with real volcanic stone, it instantly absorbs excess oil without smudging your makeup. Portable and easy to clean, this roller offers not just oil control but also doubles as a natural facial massager for skincare, ensuring a grease-free, refreshed look throughout the day.

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Face Oil Absorbing Roller
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