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Shelf Kitchen Organizer


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Color: Beige

Shelf Kitchen Organizer - Your Fridge's New Best Friend!

Product Name: Shelf Kitchen Organizer

Product Description:

Say goodbye to the chaos in your refrigerator and welcome the Shelf Kitchen Organizer into your life. This ingenious invention is here to transform your fridge space into an organized haven. No more struggling to find what you need; everything will have its place with this adjustable organizer.

Product Highlights:

  1. Customizable Design: The Shelf Kitchen Organizer is adjustable to fit any refrigerator, big or small. Its dimensions of 20.4 * 16.2 * 7.6 cm can extend to 28.3 cm, providing ample space to keep your items neatly organized.

  2. Space Optimization: Make the most of your fridge space by effectively categorizing and storing your items. Say goodbye to mess and hello to tidiness.

  3. Durability Matters: This organizer features a thicker cutter for a firm and secure hold. It can handle items up to 1.4cm thick with excellent flexibility, ensuring it won't easily break.

Product Parameters:

  • Name: Drawer type refrigerator partition frame
  • Dimension: 20.4 * 16.2 * 7.6 cm (extendable to 28.3 cm)
  • Material: PP
  • Weight: 135g

The Shelf Kitchen Organizer is your fridge's new best friend. It brings order to the chaos, maximizes your storage space, and ensures everything stays in its place. No more wasted time searching for that elusive ingredient - get organized with the Shelf Kitchen Organizer today!

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Shelf Kitchen Organizer
Shelf Kitchen Organizer
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